Thoughts on my work:

My paintings of spheres reflect a world in which elements are on the move and always in need of adjustment.

I'm interested in notions about space and our relationship to it, my/our perception of space and how we interact within it.

I hope the viewer will see variation within the repitition, simplicty and complexity, a buoyant and massive feeling at the same time.  A circle that is three feet diameter in a square format will float ungrounded.

Sometimes my circles seem to have lives of their own as if after they had been carefully placed they decided to float upwards or move sidewys.

The trail of color remaining after moving a circle creates a vibration and enhances the feeling of weightlessness and solidity at the same time.

I find circles are a resource that offers endless challenges.  They are discs, they are volumes, they are merely lines encompassing a space.  They can be seen as landscapes or still lifes.  There is a musical quality to their movement and the idea  that all matter vibrates .

Some of these images convey spatial relationships suggesting human relationships of a social and intimate nature,  They can be interpreted as vehicles to memories or speculations of another time.

Moved by uncertainty and openness using light, dark and volume, I play with notions of spatial and perceptual in-betweenness, of our constantly shifting relationships to tangible space.  Spaces where materiality and non-materiality merge.